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Here are the entries for the April Activity. Watch your email for the voting sheets and instructions.

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Tim and Josh Hardesty, Tom McKenna, Andrew Zettle, Joe Browning, Kathy and Katie Underwood and Linda Clifford met up at Barboursville Park Sat. to have a spring flower shoot. Nice weather and good fun. Here is a slideshow of some of the images we took.

Hope you enjoy and get to come along on next outing at the end of April or so to Babcock or Cranberry.


We just had an outing to Twin Falls Resort and had a photo weekend. 11 members of the club attended and we had a great time and would go back in a minute. Food at the lodge is great, rooms were nice and both were very reasonable in price.

Twin Falls Group

Watch for upcoming events we are planning either as day trips or weekend outings. Many plans were made for the upcoming year.

Thanks Mike R. for organizing and all the ladies who provided great food and deserts.

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Anyone with suggestions for an outing, contact one of Board Members or put in Club Suggestion Box.


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